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RE: I need more Time

On 15-Apr-2000 Christian Reiniger wrote:
> I'm a bit frustrated.
> Well, not just a bit...
> Yesterday I uploaded the LGDC website, hoping that things would get a bit
> easier now that the "has-to-be-done-NOW" stuff is done.
> Today I got a mail from Paul, the LGDC webmaster. He resigns.


> In two weeks the holidays are over.
> That's a few days after that big exam.

real world sucks :/

> I'm doing four jobs in the free software world now:
> * PPlay admin/website
> * LGDC admin/website
> * PPlay coding
> * LGDC coding (the website's PHP code - about 150k, with quite some stuff
>   still missing)
> Each of those requires my full attention to be done properly.
> This means I will have to give up most of them. I realized this when I
> looked again at PPlay after all the time of LGDC work. PPlay suddenly felt
> somehow "alien". I noticed that I hadn't spent more than a few brief
> thoughts on it for the past weeks.
> It can't continue that way.

which is/are the most useful? where is the most utility? 

> I'll stick with LGDC admin for some more time - now that the new website is
> up it's possible that someone will come along who's willing to spend enough
> time on it, who's willing to take over much, if not most, of the work. I'll
> restrict my improvements to its PHP code to the bare minimum though.
> That's at least a start.

I wish I had time to help more, but I'm buried in real life right now :( I have
a deadline on a small book on april 25, then I have a deadline on a relatively
complex simulation system on like may 9th or something (It was supposed to take
a full 3 months to do, but me and my team haven't touched it, we're gonna try
to do 3 months of work in 3 weeks and hope it doesn't suck TOO much :/ ). Top
it off with full time work and college, and I'm a little busy :) I will help as
I can, but I'm refusing to add on any more responsabilities until I get some
out of the way. I am not giving up on the section I'm writing, but I'm afraid
it's on a back burner for now, I will email in private when I'm active on it
again. I would hope some brave volunteers with free time would jump in and help
take care of lgdc, I think it's a great site and I'd be pretty sad if lgdc
closed its doors due to lack of volunteers... Maybe put up a request for help
on the news, and see if the guys at linuxgames.com will mention it? :/

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