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Re: game development tools

On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 01:27:35PM +0200, Fernando Delgado wrote:
> I got a copy of a game development tool.  I realy like it, the problem is... is an MSDOS tool.
> So, I am trying to find something similar in the linux world or to look for people interested in doing it.
> What is so cool about this tool?
> I will try to tell it.  It's a tools ONLY for games. Let's imagine the INVADERS game ( the old game where you are under some houses and the martians go left to right and speting down once every time they hit the side of the screen).  In this game there are only 4 diferent elements the martian/s, the house/s, the bullets and you.  With this tools you only have to code 5 functions the initialation and 1 functions for each element. Each element is an object.

Sounds a bit similar in goals to my Sprite32 project which is a framework for C++. I hear ClanLib is the same thing, but am not familiar enough with it.

Sprite32 still needs a bit of work, though; specifically, I'm looking to get some cross-platform code written so that it will work well under Linux, Windows, DOS, etc. It's also not documented very well.

Sprite32 homepage: http://gnugames.sourceforge.net
ClanLib homepage: http://www.clanlib.org

Jeff Read <bitwize@geocities.com>
Unix Code Artist, Anime Fan, Really Cool Guy

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