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landscape and footsteps


I have 2 questions :

1. Suppose I have to map texture on a flat piece of big land which is
basically at some parts grassy and at others we have soil as if the grass
has eroded due to continuosus usage of a path(trail) or something similar
ie. a mixture of grass and sand(soil). My *question* is what is an easy
method to do that so that it does not seem repetitive.
	One way I could think of is blending the two texture maps(of grass
and soil) in different degrees and in fact we have n no. of grass patches
and m no. of sand patches and can have various combinations of them.
havenot tried it yet, so no results, but would try on this weekend.

2. Do we have something like 3d polygon subtract in openGl, or a method to
do it. For example we have a small patch of muddy region in it(not
marshy), and as I walk on it, my footsteps would mark on it. 
	One way is again to have a texture of my footsteps(left and right)  
and blend on to it. But I thought showing footsteps in 3d would be
interesting. If I make a 3d polygon of my footstep and just subtract from
that patch of land(it is like a small tile of Triangles). Or is it that we
would not have enough good effect of doing in 3D way????

Thanks for the ideas/help.


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