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Re: Main character animations.

Quoting Al Riddoch <alriddoch@zepler.org>:
> I would be very interested to know what tools you are planning to use
> to
> create your content. Have you found an available set of animation tools
> for
> Linux, or are you fortunate enough to have access to the high-end
> proprietary
> tools?

At the rate things are going, I will be creating a paint package as part of the 
project to paint the damn images with. Nothing I've yet come across counts as 
what I'd consider a suitable tool for drawing animation frames with.

I can't find anything that will let me have: a window with a x8 view of an 
image in it, with another image "ghosted" below it to use for onion-skinning 
the animation, plus having two other windows running animations in them, one at 
(say) x4 and one normal size. And allow me to paint in any of them..

So the answer here is "I'm assuming I'm going to need to write a proprietry 
high-end tool." :-)

Or use Gimp and suffer the slings and arrows that come along with not having 
the right tool for the job.

      Katie Lauren Lucas, Consultant Software Engineer, Parasol Solutions
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