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Re: Main character animations.

On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 08:39:23AM +0100, Katie Lauren Lucas wrote:
>   2) Layers of sprites, one to animate the main character, one to overlay a 
> weapon on him/her. Issues of alignment, it might end up lacking graphical 
> sophistication. I have a feeling this ends up needing (weapons X directions X 
> frames + directions X frames) images in total.

You could use this method and reserve some of your sprite palette for "weapon hooks".
Or you can use metadata to say, weapon hook 1 at x1,y1 weapon hook2 at x2,y2.
The key is to make a smaller weapon graphic which would be rooted at a weapon hook
pixel of the main character.  This has some limitations but you would only have to 
create directions*chars*frames + directions*weapons sprites. 

Alan Chen
Digikata LLC