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Re: Main character animations.

Tony Joblin wrote:

> I was reading in a book about developing games for Linux where the author
> used a technique as follows. First develop a 3d model, they used a shareware
> program called AC3D (approx $40), then render using POV ray to get 2d
> images. Admittedly no animation was used, just wanted to get 2d images of
> the spaceship for lots of rotations. I haven't tried it, I hope I have
> described the process accurately and that it may be of use to you.

Yes - it's a good way to get smoother sprite animation than a human artist
could manage in a reasonable amount of time.

You'll want to render at much higher resolution than you need so you can
get them antialiased - also render against a 'blue screen' background so
you can delete the background and have transparency in the right places.

With 3D hardware becoming so commonplace, it's becoming easier just to
render the 3D model in realtime.

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