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Re: Scripting

Quoting Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net>:
> So I don't think it's too inconvenient to do that - but I'd still
> recommend
> using a byte-coded script simply because of the ease of doing
> lightweight
> threading.

I once co-wrote a game where the bytecode was accessible to the players - and 
creating it was one of the main parts of the gameplay.

It was a bit restricted in its target audience in that you really needed to 
know how to do assembly language programming to play it... but you could 
capture other people's entities and read the code. But within that target 
audience? Oh boy, you think EverQuest looks addictive...

{I should own up to the fact that Chris P, who posts here occaisionally, did 
all the hard work of turning the game idea into actual executables... :-}

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