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Re: Scripting

Eero Pajarre wrote:

> I have always thought that the way data structures are done in Java
> very much resembles typical pointer usage. Garbage collection
> of course relieves me from manually freeing  data, and indexing errors
> are also checked (but I can get the latter also in C++, and I could
> even use gc there). Still it is quite possible to make mistakes
> with java which correspond to stale and rogue pointers in C++.

Well not really. For example, errors you can do in C++ but not in Java:
    - Accidently use memory that has already been deleted but the
      pointer was not cleared.
    - Assign something out of bounds to some memory area: in Java
      pointer arithmetic is simply not possible. You cannot do things like
            *(a+100) = 10;
    - State and rogue pointers are simply NOT possible in Java.
      There is no way you can have a pointer to something that doesn't
      exist anymore.


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