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Re: Scripting

Jan Ekholm wrote:
> >Only because 99% of Linux games are tetris clones. I doubt that the vast
> >majority of people on this list make tetris clones - they are here to make
> >real games, not toy programs. So maybe 99% of Linux games aren't too
> >complex, you'll probably find that 99% of the people responsible for the
> >other 1% are on this list.
> So they are on this list? So what? So they are Tetris clones? So what? The
> issue is IMHO not about that Linux game developers do simple games, but
> what language they should be given for their Tetris clone.

I think that (one of the) point(s) that Chris was trying to make
was that this list isn't really targeted very near the tetris-clone-
writing level and might be considered an 'advanced' linux
game development list.  'Advanced' is largely (but certainly
not exclusively) synonymous with high-throughput 3D games
where the unsuitability of interpreted languages for core engine
(AI and 'game logic' excepted) becomes more obvious.

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