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Re: Scripting

Gregor Mueckl wrote:

> >> But
> >>with a new binary there also is the need to restart the game engine (or
> >>engines in case you develop a networked game as I do). With a script you
> >>might avoid this.
> >>
> >
> > OK - for the third or fourth time in this thread...
> >
> I've read it.

So why are you still saying it's impossible?

> > So, you can actually edit and recompile parts of your program WHILE
> This works only if you have C-ish interface between the module and the
> core engine.

That's not *entirely* true - but I don't think the interface between
the core engine and a script interpreter would be likely to be any

But none the less, what I said is true - you can edit and recompile
"scripts" written in C or C++ without restarting the game - you may
have to be kinda selective about how you call it - but that's a small
price to pay if your only alternative is to resort to a really slow

As I have already said, there are several other reasons to prefer
an interpreted script - but hot-swappability isn't one of them.

> But what if you pass on an instance of a class that's
> implemented in the module on to the engine and loose track of it (you
> would have to replace it, anyway)?

Well, you could work around this if you wanted too.

> Answer above question first, please.

Sorry - I don't understand which question I didn't answer.

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