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Re: OpenGL texturing

> How big are the textures you are using for this? Is there a pattern to the
> changes? If so, could you precalculate a set of textures in main memory and
> use glTexSubImage2D to update the texture in video memory?

The textures are about 50x50, but i have thousands, and i'd have to store 
precalculated textures for about 16 different patterns: it may need some 

I've really no idea on the average size of a texture buffer, but i suppose 
that it may fit....

Are there run-time color transformations available for OpenGL (except 
lightning or reflection...)

Is there a way i could set an alpha value on my texture and then apply a 
particular lightning/reflection effect, so that it is applyied only to that 
patches with a convenient alpha?

Francesco Orsenigo