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Re: simple 3d modeler

On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:

>Francesco Orsenigo wrote:
>>What's the simplest 3d modeler available for Linux?
>>I need to create and export in a very simple format static models made of
>>textured triangles.
>>What's the best and easier tool to do this?
>Best = Blender IMHO
>Easiest = not Blender :-)

Yes, this is certainly true. 6 months or so ago I thought Blender had the
most horrible UI ever to be created and it was impossible to learn. Then,
over Christmas while playing with Ogre (that loads Blender models) I had a
need to try to learn Blender. Well, I sat down with a few tutorials, read
them and really did all what I was supposed to do. After a few hours I
grasped the basics of the UI and getting stuff done. Materials are still a
real pain in the ass to handle, I've never managed to get transparent
materials working the way I want them to, but other than that I can get
simple models done. I don't find the UI terribly efficient now that I know
something about it, but it's maybe not the worst UI around after all. :)

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