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For the third time...

OK.  I've tried sending this message to the penguinplay and linuxgames
lists at the same time twice, and it has yet to bounce back to me.
So, here we go with attempt number 3...
{ For those of you on the linuxgames list that don't follow the
penguinplay list, I suggest you check out the Linux game development IRC
meeting notes at http://sunsite.auc.dk/penguinplay/irc-meetings/ and bring
your self up to date in what is probably the biggest movement ever in
Linux game development. 
Now back to our regularly scheduled program. }

Hi everyone.  Sorry I've been so quite lately, but I can explain (in a

As most of you know, it has been suggested on the PenguinPlay list that
the site I set up at http://sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames/ be the foundation
of the PenguinPlay meta project.  Now, I think this is a great idea since
the site has similar goals to the PPlay meta-project, but hear me out. 

The reason I've been so quiet is because I have very little time to
organize that site as it is now and, therefore, have had very little to
say. When I started the site, I had full intention on passing its
maintenance off to someone with more free time and more web design
experience so I could get back to what I do best (which is coding).

So my only problem with hosting the PPlay meta-project is that I don't
have enough free time to be able to put forth the effort that such a
project deserves.  Which brings me to my next idea...

Make the maintenance of the linuxgames site (and, therefore, the PPlay
meta-project) a group effort.  I mentioned this a long time ago on the
linuxgames list, but no one offered any help.  I'm not holding that
against anyone, but I am really serious.  I do not have time to manage
this myself, so if anything is to be made of the site in discussion, a
team effort is required.

Even if you just want to maintain the resources page, or add people to the
developers page, or coordinate a site restructuring, or even something
smaller like posting a short site review and some suggested improvements,
or supplying game development related news... your help will be noticed
and appreciated.

So, that being said, we should bring the discussion of the future of
http://sunsite.auc.dk/linuxgames/ to the linuxgames mailing list (which,
for those of you that don't know, you can subscribe to by sending a
message to linuxgames-subscribe@sunsite.auc.dk ) and make things happen.


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