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Re: [Forward - t-l-engh@online.no: New game project: Civ clone]

At 08:00 AM 8/5/99 +0200, you wrote:
>On Wed, Aug 04, 1999 at 08:30:21PM -0400, Paul Tiseo wrote:
>>         Once the script is functional, then we can both start to make the
>> site database-enabled. For now, we wait...
>Couldyou send it to me? (the script?)

	I didn't write it. Soren, from the sunsite staff wrote it, and I guess it
somehow still needs debugging. It's not in any of linuxgames's folder but
resids elsewhere. It's basically a php include that you call via the
require() command and contains the function connect() and disconnect() for
attaching specifically to our database. Else, the host, db name and
password would be found in the php file the website user calls. While you
could restrict access to the php source, I guess a malicious hacker could
get at the file and then wreck our db. By placing the whole password db
connect thing in another file in a more secure location, you can cut down
on this.

	At least, that's my take on it...

>My PHP skills start to be very good.. getting better daily now that I use it
>a lot for my own site and at work.

	That's good news! For me, it's still relatively new, although I tend to be
a quick learner...

Paul Tiseo
LGDC's webmaster