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Re: [OT]Re: [Forward - t-l-engh@online.no: New game project: Civ clone]

On Thu, Aug 05, 1999 at 02:22:54PM +0200, Mads Bondo Dydensborg wrote:
> You not only should place the script containing db username/password in 
> another directory, you should place it in a directory that does not get
> served by the webserver. PHP has "global" includes (global relative to the
> virtuel site (assuming apache here)) that can be used for this purpose,
> like e.g. this here;

It does not even have to be in the htdocs directory or be configured from

include "/etc/php_dbase.cfg";

would work. If I were Sunsite I'd let us include something like
/etc/php/lgdc.cfg, that'd be ve convenient for them to maintain and for us
to use (since it works unlike whatever the situation is now ;-)

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