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Re: Civ:CTP

Rob Kaper wrote:

> Anyway, there was a _great_ Loki interview in Linux Journal last month,

Hmmmm, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of technical infos, it was
pretty general imho...  I'm sure there's still tons of uncovered technical
infos to be squeezed out of them :)
  Actually, it's an interesting experiment.  Everybody always talks about
how open the linux world is : everybody's work is based on other people's
work...  I'm very curious to see how much info they're going to release
on how they work, technical hints, tips...  Will they follow the "give back
to the community" line, or will they realize that this would give a great
boot to possible future competitors ?  'Cause that's what we are /
who we guide...



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