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Bad link title.


  I was checking out your web page:


  You have kindly included a link to my OpenSource game project at


  ...but the correct name of the game is not "Tuxedo Penguin", but
  Rather "Tuxedo T Penguin - A Quest for Herring" - or shorter:
  "Tux - A Quest for Herring" - or for extreme shortness: "Tux_AQFH"

  We need to name games about Tux with something other than just his
  name or else we'll end up with 20 games all with the same name!

  Perhaps a more up to date write-up for your page would be:

  Tuxedo T Penguin - A Quest for Herring

    A cooperative project to write a 3D game of the
    search/explore/puzzle genre based around Tux (the
    Linux Penguin) and his girlfriend Gown. The project
    is completely open under GPL. Help of all kinds will
    be welcomed.

Thanks - you have a great site BTW.

Steve Baker                  http://web2.airmail.net/sjbaker1
sjbaker1@airmail.net (home)  http://www.woodsoup.org/~sbaker
sjbaker@hti.com      (work)