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Re: Call For Articles

Bert Peers wrote:
> I've been thinking about an article on how to write a simple GUI
> for a game.  Motif, Qt, GTK is probably out of the question for
> most games, breaking the look-and-feel, or maybe even simply
> being unavailable (fullscreen and/or 3D accel'ed)...  Just have
> to find the time to get around to it :(  If anybody is already working
> on something like this, yell *now* ! :)  Other ideas for topics or
> even co-writing etc, mail ahead :)

For OpenGL, you can use my PLIB library which has a fairly
complete GUI (written using OpenGL for the rendering) that
can be rendered on top of the game screen.  My favorite
trick is to tell the PLIB GUI to draw all the menu's at
50% transparency so your game graphics can still completely
fill the screen since they are visible through the menus.

Check out the GUI stuff here:


Check out the rest of PLIB here:


It probably wouldn't be too hard to hack the rendering layer
of PLIB's GUI to make it use X or libSVGA if that's what you
wanted...but my interests lie only in OpenGL since I think
that's the future of all game graphics under Linux.


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