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RE: Call For Articles

                I'm currently reading the list and don't have much time to
spare writing articles but, I can contribute with some tutorials I've made
for our local LUG (http://www.linux.org.uy). Let me introduce you to the
reallity of our lug, and you'll understand why this tutorials can be

                Our lug is quite large, over one hundred members,and large
have a wide variety of people, with diferente levels of eduation. Many of
members of our lug are programmers, for fun or profit, but when they arrived
to the
UNIX/LINUX world they found that they have to play some slightly different
rules. They needed to edit files with vi, build ther projects with the help
of make and shell utilities, and comile their programms with gcc/g++. Most
them overcame this difficuties, some found fancy editors, like WPE, but the
learning curve was quite flat.

                 So I've made some tutorials on this utilities in order to
help the newcomers to step up and start working.

                I know that this is  a games discution arena, but their
should be some newcomers to this arena; and this could be helpful for them.

                If you find this offer useful I could re-write this
tutorials into articles and publish them in linux games. I can give them
in english and spanish, and maybe someone can translate them to portuguese.

                I'll be waiting for news from you, please forgive my english

Andres Tarallo
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> Hello all,
> Well, it's been a while since we have seen new articles, so I am issuing a