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Yet another game... and it's even GPL'ed. =)

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I'm using your BigBrother WebStats on our webpages [www.worldfoundry.org]
and I just wanted to thank you--the package is really nice. I also have one
small suggestion: for the browser table [Netscape, Explorer, Lynx, Opera,
Konquerer, etc], it would be nice to turn those names into links pointing to
the home page [or the download page] for that browser.

I also wrote to you before after reading your commentary on Linux games.  I
just wanted to let you know that we are release World Foundry, formerly a
"commercial" product [sold to 3DO, Virgin Games, PF.Magic, Channel3D, and
some others] has been released under the GPL.  World Foundry is both a game
engine [Linux alpha version available] and a level editing system [being
worked on for Linux].

Thank you,
William B. Norris IV

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