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Why code your own library?

1) For fun. to see if you can do it ( Jeff Read said )

2) Functionality. What if I need to do something that none of the other
libraries do too awefully well?

3) Learning. I don't code just to code. It's not just fun, it's educational. I
like knowing how the joystick works or how linux's audio layer works or how...

4) Proprietary use. Most of these api's are gpl'd or lgpl'd. If for some reason
someone wanted to make a closed source game, they couldn't use the GPL'd stuff,
and the LGPL'd stuff would require that library installed on the system. Mesa I
can accept, but I don't want to install plib or sdk32 or whatever else for sound
or joystick support, I want it to just plain work. If all games were open
source, then it'd all be good, but most high quality games tend to be closed
source and linux is an open source beasty :)

ok, I'll shut up now :)

        -Erik <br0ke@math.smsu.edu> [http://shells.clipboard.com/~br0ke]

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