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Re: Why code your own library?

>if it's a de facto library, then I'll use it. :) I use mesa, I use svgalib, I
>use kernel level stuff... everywhere you look, people use it. plib may be the
>greatest stuff in the world, but unless it's an extremely common api (like with
>all the big distros as a "normal" package, not an extra), then I'm not gonna
>work at making code that only uses plib (I use makefile magic and have target
>compiles, so my source tree would have like sound.esd.c and sound.oss.c and
>sound.win32.c). Most game players don't care about libraries and don't know how
>to install them without some kinda package management tool. If I make a game
>using a library where most games will have to download and compile (or totally
>upgrade their whole system), it won't be as popular as a game that "just runs"
>out of the box. If ya look at common complaints against linux games, however
>they're released, a biggie is how well they run out of box...
>ok, incoherent? check. No real direction? check. Just a jumble of random
>rambling? Check. I think this email's ready to go :) 

Yes. I see that we can do there something.
Let´s package the libs that are needed for the games, and give those
packages to the distributors. Or just tell them that they should put
them in. I already started with this work.
I am currently in need of a ggi package (rpm) for my game. 
Is anybody able to help me?

Many greetings,
~ Philipp Gühring              p.guehring@poboxes.com
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