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Re: Linuxgames update

At 04:35 PM 8/28/99 +0000, you wrote:
><cringe>... Well, if it is stable enough and you can work with it. I
>guess it should be the call of the one taking care of the web site (I
>know *I* wouldn't want to work on NT!). Even more so if the site is done
>using tools portable back and forth between Unix and Win32, like PHP3.
>PHP3 code is database-independent, right?

	I know. It seems ironic to have a linux game development site on an NT
server, but I do like the aspect of being with a group of like-minded web
sites, ie. they are also targetting game developers. I invite linuxgames
readers to go to www.gamedev.com and take a look-see. I have been going
there repeatedly ovcer the last few days and haven't seen any trouble from
them as far as stability is concerned.

	We could use PHP3 and all our pages would have .php3 extension, making it
less obvious. As to databses, PHP3 is relatively independant of database
choice. They have multiple types of NT-based databses, and PHP3/ODBC
drivers makes things easy. I haven't worked with this situation before, but
I think that if we ever want to "return" to a Unix server, our PHP3 script
should be easily portable.

>>         The second? There is advertisement on the site. That might be
>> anathema to some of you.
>If it is not intrusive, it would be okay. Advertisement on
>linuxgames.com or slashdot.org are good examples of acceptable

	GameDev has also stated that they would share advertisement revenues
50-50. I don't know how much that would be. It depends on traffic. Sunsite
doesn't have a breakdown of website hits for us, so we don't have an idea
of our *current* traffic. nad, this would likely change after we would go
to GameDev.: we could get a crossover traffic and, once we're databased, we
could announce our site more widely (ex:slashdot) and increase our traffic.

	I was thinking this would be great for us. We could use the money to
purchase prizes for us to give away to those who participate in contest we
could hold. It might be a way to further motivate people to wqrite for the
LGDC. I was thinking of something along the lines of programming contests
and such.

	Anyways, the final decision relies on the active members of this mailing
list expressing their opinions, so feel free to voice them because they are
important to me.

Paul Tiseo
LGDC's webmaster