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Re: Linuxgames update

GDNet has had some server problems in the past. (I was told it went down
due to a botched up hardware upgrade). However, it hasn't been down

On Sun, 29 Aug 1999, Michael Dartt wrote:

> Though I'm just a junior (read: "new") member, I thought I'd contribute
> my $0.02:
> Besides the obvious issue of server stability, I think the most
> important things to consider are whether the folks to do the site have
> the tools they need to do their work and that the sysadmin is helpful
> and easily accessible.  From what you've mentioned, it sounds like these
> won't be problems.  (I discovered the importance of this recently when I
> tried to webmaster a large site hosted on a SUN box that only had
> Netscape Enterprise Server, ksh, vi, Perl, and tar installed on it--not
> even gzip or auto*!  And configure --prefix didn't work, either....Not
> fun....)
> It looks to me that even being on an NT box would be better than the
> setup you've got now at Sunsite.  That, combined with the hostname
> recognition and possible advertising revenues, makes this sound like a
> pretty good deal.  :-)
> >         I was thinking this would be great for us. We could use the money to
> > purchase prizes for us to give away to those who participate in contest we
> > could hold. It might be a way to further motivate people to wqrite for the
> > LGDC. I was thinking of something along the lines of programming contests
> > and such.
> 	I'd like to suggest an alternative contest: a documentation/article
> one.  It looks like there's a good deal of code out there, but a dearth
> of good docs.  (As the discussion over the last two weeks as shown.) 
> Why not encourage people to write stuff by holding a competition where
> the person who writes the most high-quality documentation gets a reward
> of some sort?  Some topics in need of good docs could be suggested;
> there could also be categories (e.g. tutorials, reviews, etc.)--you get
> the idea.  This might help to increase the "robustness" of the site's
> content.  :-)
> 	Btw, a big "thank you" to everyone who works on maintaining the site
> and this list.  Keep up the good work!  :-)
> --Mike

Mark Collins (mcollins@openworld.co.uk)
	A fetus telnets to the server from inside the womb