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Re: Installation

Dennis Payne wrote:
>> >Keeping copies in RPM as well as live on the CD could take up too much
>> >space.  One interesting possibility is to write an install that uses
>> >the rpm library so that it can install the live data as an rpm.  (I'm
>> >assuming the rpm library will allow you to do that.)
>> Does anyone know more about this?
>I looked over the api for librpm.  Unfortunately it's not as flexible
>as I'd expected.  It will allow you to construct an rpm into a file
>descriptor or install/read from one.  You could possibly setup a pipe
>to construct the rpm into while simultaneously installing out from.

I studied it a bit, too. You're right :(

>Otherwise you would have to hack the library.

As it seems sooner or later someone will have to do this. The current one
is just too inflexible for many kinds of installers. 


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