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Re: Linuxgames update

Paul Tiseo wrote:

>	GameDev has also stated that they would share advertisement revenues
>50-50. I don't know how much that would be. It depends on traffic. Sunsite

Who would manage the fund? There's either the single person alternative
(which we know is bad) or the independent organization one (LI comes to

>	I was thinking this would be great for us. We could use the money to
>purchase prizes for us to give away to those who participate in contest we
>could hold. It might be a way to further motivate people to wqrite for the
>LGDC. I was thinking of something along the lines of programming contests
>and such.

I don't think money is a good motivation for this. Most free software
people don't care much about money. Being mentioned on the title page of a
well-visited site is far better. Besides, how would you get the money to
the people? Imagine the winner lives in russia. Some years ago I wanted to
pay for a shareware package developed in AFAIK Canada. Doing so by money
order (hope this is the right term) would have cost me about USD30 in fees!


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