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Re: SDL vs GGI

Brett_A._Letner@NOTES.UP.COM writes:

>>> Console is (almost) dead.
> I hope this is not true.

This is not true, svgalib is nearly dead, but console itself will
never die.
>>> Unless somethings skirms and big changes happen, console video is now
>>> almost unusable.
> I hope fbcon will address this.

Of course, fbcon is great (from all that I have heard, can't use it
myself, since I have only a Vesa1.2 Bios gfx card).

> In fact, it is already very easy to access graphics from the console by
> directly opening the framebuffer (no hardware acceleration, though).

With a matrox card you will have hardware acceleration, I have heard
how games running with 500fps and more with matroxfb. Much much more
than you will ever get with X at the moment.

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