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Re: Quadra source released, shows non-recursive makefiles :-)

Odd... The link for submit news between the news and the articles (it's a
graphic which is probably why a find text didn't return anything)

Mark Collins
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From: Pierre Phaneuf <pp@ludusdesign.com>
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Date: 09 August 2000 14:42
Subject: Re: Quadra source released, shows non-recursive makefiles :-)

>Mark Collins wrote:
>> Pierre, seeing as I'm GameDev.Net staff, and I regularly check this list
>> news worthy items, you don't need to send stuff to webmaster@...
>Ok, I didn't know/remember that...
>> Also, there is a "submit news" button of the GDNet home page which means
>> your news item will be reviewed much more promptly than an email...
>There *is*? Where? Looked for it, but the page is pretty cluttered on
>the sides, so I did a search, first for "submit" (no hits) and "news"
>(one hit, the "News Archive" link). So I used the
>"comments/questions/feedback" link at the bottom, which goes to the
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