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Re: Threads

Keith Lucas wrote:

> > Writing portable software using threads is nearly impossible
> > (as I've found to my cost) because a setup that may work with
> > Linux's scheduler may suck badly under Windoze, MacOS, BSD, etc.
> Ah, now this is useful to know. So at the very, very least we need to
> experiment on all the OSes to make sure it'll all happen.

Check out SDL. It has a portable thread interface that works on MacOS,
Windows and Unixen. I do not know if the behavior is reliable on all
platforms though.

> Does this behaviour vary much if all but one process is blocked?
> (Say in trying to read(2) from a socket or write(2) to /dev/dsp...)

Read/write doesn't block if you're careful.

"Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it,
poorly." -- Henry Spencer

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