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Site update

I added XShipwars to the gameprojects overview.

It's a space game battle simulation similar to Free Trek, so I also mailed
Patrick of Free Trek and the maintainer of XShipwars if cooperation on at
least some fronts would be possible.

I will be moving this week, and then enjoying the holidays. Then, I will
probably wait with being online a lot until cable modem arrives.

What I hope to do (with consent of us all of course) when I get back is:

* Restructure the site in such a way that it will be possible to mirror it
  easily. This won't affect lay-out etc etc.
* Get some sort of automated game development news thingey going on. 
  Possibly Freshmeat can post a .txt available for formatting that filters
  out the last 10 new entries of new submissions from only the
  X/Games,Console/Games,KDE/Games,Gnome/Games sections. The mail asking
  whether such cooperation would be possible already has been sent. =)
* Add more game related pictures. The site is dull! (well, kinda)

Grtz, Rob
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