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!! Wanted Home Product Assemblers !!

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Looking for Home Product Assemblers!!  How would you like to Assemble Products
at Home & get Paid!  Choose your own Hours!  Be your own Boss!  Easy Work!
Excellent Pay!  Earn Hundreds of Dollars Weekly!  Here are just a few examples
of the work you will have to choose from:

Wooden Products - up to $220.00 Weekly!
Hair Accessories - up to $320.00 Weekly!
Holiday Crafts - up to $270.00 Weekly!
Beaded Accessories - up to $350.00 Weekly!

........Plus many others.  There are over 75 Companies to choose from!  Why
not enjoy the Benefits and Freedom of Home Assembly Work!  To find out more
Call.....Toll Free (24 Hour Recording) 1-888-289-9708.

U.S. Publishing Co.
P.O. Box 633
Rocky Mount NC  27802





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