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Re: cheating

> That's something different. "Cheat Codes" were designed into the game
> by the original authors in order that they can be progressively 'leaked'
> to the magazines in order to get a little extra free advertising as the
> initial rush of purchases of the game starts to wane.
> In those cases the cheats are planned so as to not unduly wreck the
> (although they are still "cheating") and they don't generally apply to
> NETWORKED games where you could get an unfair advantage over another
> The kind of cheating we are talking about here is the real thing - and it
> seriously pisses off other networked players. (Of which I'm *not* one

Just searching through months of old messages and found this...

Another reason for cheat codes: DEBUGGING!

Think about it, you're testing to see how the super-duper Bill-obliterator
cannon effects a certain type of unit when you have the ickle-eyes power-up,
but you don't want to play through 50 levels just to do it. So you do a
quick cheat, do what you have to, and check everything works ok.


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