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Re: GFX under Linux

really? only obsolete games.  What about return to castle wolfenstein? it 
only took a week to get linux multi palyer binaries, not too bad

On Friday 07 December 2001 13:38, you wrote:
> On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Xarvh wrote:
> >If just setting GFX under linux causes all that trouble, how can someone
> >hope to have games under Linux!?
> I don't have any hopes for commercial games for Linux. For gaming I have
> my good old PS2. It's fun to try to do some stupid games yourself, but I
> know Linux will never have a nice games market, except for old conversions
> for already obsolete Windows games. The blame can IMO be put on the main
> distros that have no cooperation at all.

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