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Re: Multiple Keypress/release problems.

I've done some research into this keyboard issue and I think I understand
it now.

Katie Lucas wrote:

> This sort of thing always used to be a problem on 8-bit machines,
> where the keyboard was matrix scanned - three keys forming an L in the
> matrix would cause the fourth to complete the square to appear pressed
> the whole time.

Yes - that's pretty much it...older keyboards would produce that 'phantom'
fourth keystroke when you held down three keys in an 'L' shape.  Modern
keyboards have the same essential problem - but instead of generating that
phantom keystroke, they supress the third key you press if accepting it
would produce the phantom keystroke.

A detailed explanation of what I discovered can be found here:


...under "Keyboards Are Evil".  :-)

I'm glad I found out about this - thanks for everyone's help in nailing
it down.

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