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Re: Introductions


> If your artists aren't comfortable with building all of these things in 3D - then I'd say you already have a
> very serious artwork problem.  If they *are* comfortable to do that for the purposes of feeding a raytracer to make static sprites -
> then they shouldn't care very much whether you plan to render them in realtime instead.

I called everyone last night (no listserve since sunsite.dk hadn't gotten back to me yet) and your mail was almost a look at the
future.  The artists plan was to render in 3D and then generate images, so you are correct that they didn't care.  In fact one guy has
a licensed copy of Maya and he was very happy to see this (i.e. my) confusion cleared up.

The simulation developers however were still concerned/confused how the simulation will update and draw this objects in real time.  I
had to agree that I have never manipulated a model from  compiled program, only generated and added motion to objects while inside the
tool itself.

Thanks to Chris's recommendations, everyone has downloaded blender and is looking for all documentation available.  Given the
assumption that the models will be from blender, or Maya, does anyone know what is the best way to control these objects from compiled
code.  We are looking for webpages, books I can buy everyone, source code that is simulator to our model (3/5 overhead view driving by
a simulation) anything to increase our knowledge in this area.  If anyone has any experience and would like to offer a recommended
design that would work too...

> But your skills are in managing such projects - right?
> So do your job and manage it.

Thanks, I will do my best.  Actually Steve, a post from you about the enjoyablity of open source games from around Jan time frame
actually served as a spark for this project.  I appreciate your comments, and while I have your attention, thanks.

I will keep everyone posted,  I am sure beyond the bounds of your patience.


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