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Re: drawing a string using SDL

On Wed, Dec 17, 2003 at 09:30:20AM +0100, xarvh@lombardiacom.it wrote:

> In the end, however, i'd suggest you to use always OpenGL and maybe
> GLUT: better performance, better portability, nicer results.

About 4 years back, when I wasn't knowing OpenGL programming, I had
made my own small library for perspective projection, hidden point
calculations, shadow calculations, etc.  All this was on DOS.  Later
it was ported to GNU/Linux using SDL.  Though my library doesn't have
the features of OpenGL, it serves me well.  Further, I still have to
experiment with drawing shadows of one object on the other using
OpenGL.  So, at the moment, I am continuing to develop that program
using my library and SDL.  I am also in the process of rewriting it
using OpenGL.

Abhir Joshi