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Re: Space sim in the works

Jiri Svoboda:
>  ----------
>  The whole point of this awfully long text: Your game engine is realistic.
> Your ship designs are not. As a consequence, the game in whole is not
> realistic.

I think is perfectly realistic.
You misunderstood it.
The giant rear engines are just exausts vents of the main, inertial(TM) 
engine: it just makes micro-variations of the craft inertia, along with very 
small space contraptions: the ship is not propely 'moving', is just shifting 
from a spatial state to another, atom per atom, quark per quark.
Well, it seems it is moving, but if you stand on its rear you are not pushed 
back... maybe just cooked up by the heat.
The engine Higgs field can be 'oriented' in any spatial direction, thus giving 
you complete freedom of movement.
The exaust are on the rear because they may interfere with strumentation.

Francesco Orsenigo