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Re: Newbie seeks guidance

Jan Ekholm a écrit :

Is OGRE mature and ready to be used at this point? I've been looking for
something like that for ages, but so far have found nothing that really
fits my needs for a 3D scene graph & extra cruft:

I think OGRE is quite mature, it has been used in some commercial projects and used in several game development competitions (which they won). You can look at the "Featured Projects" section on the OGRE web site for more information.

But as Jorrit said, it's only a rendering engine, you'll need other parts to make a complete game with it (input, physics, sound, etc.).

Plus, OGRE doesn't make assumptions about a specific game genre (ie. FPS like the TORQUE engine), so you'll maybe end up writing some code for handling scene management, depending on the type of scenes in your game. There is still support for BSP, Octree and Terrain scenes though and there is an addon project to support a standard octree scene format (.scene).

Is this one stable?

It's been pretty stable for now, but the future 1.0 release will maybe break some compatibility. Releases are not so frequent though and changes are generally well documented.

After having found a toolkit that works comes the task of trying to find
something that can create models (such as the apps mentioned above) AND
trying to get the toolkit to grok the models. If you're forced to write
custom object model loaders/exporters then then development effort rises
quite a lot.

As I said before, there are many exporters for OGRE, which are quite well maintained. Recently there has been a partnership with SoftImage to support SoftImage|XSI and the 3DS exporter has been updated because it was lagging a bit behind compared to others. The Blender exporter is still very good, although there is no support for the octree .scene format yet, but it's not absolutely necessary to make a game.