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Re: Possible nVidia driver bug? - (code sample attached)

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004, Miguel A. Osorio wrote:

>Jan Ekholm wrote:
>> On Wed, 15 Dec 2004, Miguel A. Osorio wrote:
>>>	I was wondering if any of you could further test this problem on other
>>>machines, or maybe even isolate the problem. Right now I'm guessing its'
>>>something wrong with the drivers, but I can't be sure. I'd appreciate
>>>any kind of help on this one, thanks.
>> Have you tried the obvious, ie NVidia support? One would assume that as
>> you have a few of their more expensive cards you are also entitled to
>> support from them.
>	Well, I did send them word about this problem, though I haven't heard
>any response yet. Thing is, if you consider the test case I've
>submitted, it's pretty big a deal, since I'm doing very simple stuff in
>there, and yet I haven't seen anyone complain about any problems. So my
>natural response is assuming *I'm* doing something wrong, even though I
>can't find any problems with the code. I've already searched a lot for
>anything like this and didn't find a thing.

It could also be that not too many use these advanced features of OpenGL
on Linux? Shaders etc are at least in my mental book considered to be
advanced topics. It could also be that fairly many at least on Linux stick
with older drivers (like 66.11) that work, and upgrade only if there is
some real good reason for it. I think I still use some of the 5xxx series
of drivers on my development system and so far all bugs and cases of bad
rendering have unfortunately been in my own code. :)

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