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Re: mail <=> news gateway

Karsten Thygesen wrote:

> >> Just a small question: what's the mail2news gateway that is used
> >> for this list?
> Sure - it's a homebuilt thing based on formail, suck and Python. It is
> heavily based on qmail and used quite a few qmail specific things, but
> if you run a qmail based system and would like a mail<->news GW, then
> let me know.

Hmm... I have formail and Python, and I could get suck, but I use
sendmail... I would like some help getting that to work anyway, I tried
to use newsgate (from the INN contrib directory), but that thing don't
even compile on my box (problem in lex stuff, which I know nothing

Maybe I could look at your stuff and modify it (or rewrite it, depending
on the degree of changes required)...

What do you mean exactly by "qmail specifix things"?

> Is there any problems with the gateway that I should know about?

No problem at all!

Pierre Phaneuf
Ludus Design, http://ludusdesign.com/