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Re: nag, nag ;)

On Sat, 6 Feb 1999, Christian Reiniger wrote:

>Is the homepage already on sunsite? Is the PHPed version already useable?
>Do we already have our CVS tree? Have the Book/linroids discussions been

The book subject has been quit I am waiting for Ian to appear again as he
has the CVS access. I have been in dialog with a couple of people about
there chapters. It cool to just start writting something and it can be
made more coherent at a latter date when we all have access to the tree.
Also I have been busy with school I am now working as the C++ tutor at my
university on Sat. from 9 to 5 eastern standard time. That will give me
lots of time to do email. And to work on my current chapter which is on
game design. 

>moved to private mails or why is this list so quiet?

I don't know about that one. Linroids seems to have died unless they are
just busy too :)

I asked a question wether anyone on the obsidian mail list was on this one
and there does not seem to be any cross over, but alot of them are itching
for a game project as well assumably based off of the obsidian system
thingy. The problem I think is that every one want to do something it's
just not what everyone else wants to do.

Also what is happening with the space game?

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