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Re: Sound

> For those of you that have written or are writing a game, how are you
> getting sounds for your game?  Are you recording your own?  Are there
> freely available (and legal) sounds on the net?
> -Brett

I have found these locations in my bookmark file:

"Where Can I Get Samples?"



"Soundwaves' samples..."

"SampleNet - the sampling resource"

	I don't how much of the samples available at these sites are actually sound
_effects_ - expect many of the sounds to be instruments & sound banks/patches
etc. for musicians.
	howewer, you might find something useful. you can also mix & create new sounds.

	In the game I'm working on (which will be free if at all), I'll probably use
sounds from commercial games, modify and mix them together to get 'new' ones. Is
that legal? No? I don't really care...Nobody's gonna recognize them.

 Tomas Andrle