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Re: Sound

Tomas Andrle wrote:

> > For those of you that have written or are writing a game, how are you
> > getting sounds for your game?

That's something I'd been wondering about as well, until I found out at the company
where I work.  Turns out there's a set of CD's called the "General 6000 series",
it costs a lot of money, it's like 60 CD's or so, and every CD has, well, 75 minutes
of samples.  It's like the professional edition of those silly sample CDs you can find
in the shops for 5$ with "crying baby" and "knights fighting" and even worse shit
for "sound effect" :)  Those G6000 are actually fun to listen to.  You just put them
in the player and then you go like.."... hey !  That's BladeRunner !  Hey that's Doom !
Quake's teleporter !  MTV !" etc.

Er.  Not sure if that was anyhow relevant here but I thought let's clear out that
mystery ;)

Cya, Bert
(back after 2 weeks downtime)

-=<Short Controlled Bursts>=-