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Re: OpenGL: a viable game-programming API?

Bert Peers wrote:

> > point of OOP and data abstraction/method hiding/etc is that I can take
> > this neat group of tools, learn how to use them, and not even *care* what
> > they're doing with the hardware.
> Hm.  I don't know if the comparison 100% holds but I get what you mean.
> It may all just depend on what you want to do.  Tools by definition want to
> be generally applicable, but too general = not the most performance for
> one specific situation.

Come to think of it, that's probably why OOP etc aren't *that* amazingly
popular with game coders.  I'm a 100% pro but I notice a lot of the real
guys (say, Carmack again :) stick with C.
Or maybe that's just a really bad case of "collapsing a few levels when going
from analysis to design" ;)