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Re: OpenGL: a viable game-programming API?

Joel Stanley wrote:

> I have? :) Since it's the same processor, there wouldn't/shouldn't be much
> porting involved, correct?

If the samples are asm you'll quickly discover that gcc has a different
syntax for it's assembly.  You can take a look at
which is an assembler for linux that chews exactly what masm/tasm did.

> learning DirectX or any of its relatives.  If I use any pre-established
> API, it will be OpenGL if only for its cross-platform features.

Too bad hardware support from the 3D manufacturers for Linux is
more or less nada right now :(  AFAIK

> "been there, done that" that I'd be on the right track if I did so. I'd be
> pretty frustrated if I spent significan amounts of time in order to
> accumulate vast amounts of knowledge about programming techniques which
> are already considered slightly outdated...

If something's outdated in the programming world it's almost always because
there's a new way that's actually an improvement of the old way.  I haven't
seen much true paradigm shifts where you have to forget everything you
learned.  Not that there aren't any (LISP, Scheme), they're just largely
ignored by game devs ;)
  And hey it's fun :)