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RE: Problems in compiling a static binary

On 03-Feb-2000 Andrea Pintori wrote:
> Hi,
> I have to compile a static binary.
> If the program is something like:
> ---------------------------------
>#include <stdio.h>
> void main()
> {
>      printf("bye\n");
> }
> ---------------------------------
> with "g++ dummy.cpp -static" I have no problems.. but the program I
> have to compile uses libraries such as "vga.h", "vgagl.h" and
> when I try to compile it with something like
> "g++ dummy.cpp -lvga -lvgagl -static"

-l is for dynamic linking. try
g++ dummy.cpp -o dummy /usr/lib/libvga.a /usr/lib/libvgagl.a -static

> I receive a lot of error messages:
> /usr/lib/libvga.a(vga.o): In function `__svgalib_open_devconsole':
> vga.o(.text+0x5d7): undefined reference to `_IO_stdin_'
> vga.o(.text+0x5e1): undefined reference to `_IO_stdout_'
> vga.o(.text+0x5eb): undefined reference to `_IO_stderr_'
> vga.o(.text+0x631): undefined reference to `_IO_stderr_'
> vga.o(.text+0x644): undefined reference to `_IO_stderr_'
> /usr/lib/libvga.a(vga.o): In function `__svgalib_getchipset':
> vga.o(.text+0xe06): undefined reference to `_IO_stderr_'
> /usr/lib/libvga.a(vga.o): In function `__svgalib_read_options':
> vga.o(.text+0x331b): undefined reference to `_IO_stderr_'
> /usr/lib/libvga.a(vga.o)(.text+0x33e7): more undefined references to
> `_IO_stderr_' follow
> /usr/lib/libvga.a(vgamisc.o): In function `vga_getkey':
> vgamisc.o(.text+0x50a): undefined reference to `_IO_stdin_'
> vgamisc.o(.text+0x57e): undefined reference to `_IO_stdin_'
> and much more!
> does anybody can help me?
> thanks,
>                  Andrea
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