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Re: Suggestions for tutorials.

Jeff Read wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 05, 2000 at 10:31:36PM +0000, root wrote:
> >
> >       I really would like to do some simple graphics using glide.
> > Could some possibly point me to some good tutorials. 

> Most of us around here use OpenGL, and although Glide was recently
> open-sourced, OpenGL is available for a far wider variety of 3D
> hardware/software environments. IMNSHO you would do well to start with
> OpenGL.

Yes - I have to agree - GLIDE is an extremely bad choice for almost
anything you do under Linux or any other OS for that matter.

1) It's not portable to any 3D hardware except that made by 3Dfx.

2) Nobody in the Linux world (except one or two of the authors of
   Mesa) have much experience with it - so you're not likely to get
   much help.

3) There are rumours around that 3Dfx will drop GLIDE for their next
   generation hardware because pretty much all commercial games developers
   use OpenGL or D3D (under Windoze).

4) OpenGL/Mesa is *much* easier to use than GLIDE.

...oh yeah - and to answer your question:

5) There's no documentation for GLIDE-under-Linux.

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