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Re: Game Loop and Simulation

Alan Chen wrote:
> You might be interested in links to a military
> simulation spec:
> Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)
> and/or
> High Level Architecture (HLA sometimes called DIS++)
> DIS is also an IEEE spec.

DIS has some significant problems if taken as a whole.

It was intended to work without a central "server" - so
it's a peer-to-peer protocol set.

For gamers, that means that (for example) computer-controlled
characters would have to be computed in various user's machines
(because there is no 'server') - which causes all kinds of
difficulties if one person pulls out of the game partway through.

This isn't such an issue for military vehicle simulators - but for
gamers, I think it results in significant problems.

What *might* be interesting is to use just the network protocols.

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