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Re: Game Loop and Simulation

Alan Chen wrote:
> I agree.  I should have emphasized the difference
> more.
> The question was directed at syncronization of several
> simulations, I was trying to point the poster to
> techniques that DIS type simulations use to
> synchronize events -- not necessarily suggesting DIS
> for use as a gaming protocol.  Sorry if I wasn't
> clear.

Oh - I see!  DIS certainly uses pretty much standard
extrapolation techniques that are pretty much essential
for networked interactive setups like games.

> I should note that there are related problems with a
> standard client-server setup. A dishonest client can
> cause just almost as many problems as a dishonest or
> malfunctioning peer.  Does anyone have info on
> solutions for that?

Encrypt the comms protocol and don't distribute
the sources!

But yes - for games where the sources are available,
or for which the comms protocol is 'obvious', there is
a risk of people cheating that's hard to avoid.
The problem with serverless protocols like DIS goes
deeper though.  Even a legal client can mess up the
simulation just by exiting without negotiation with
the other clients.

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