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Re: What to do.

>Don't I need to allow people to create the basic scenery meshes before
>I allow that addition of objects to the map?

One assumes the scenery will be made of modules.

You need to let people create modules and then let the join modules together.

>The problem I've got to this time it I don't know how I'm going
>to allow people to create the thing that needs to be created.
>And if I don't know how the user interface is going to work
>it is kind of hard to code.

EG: Landscape. They select "make landscape" from a menu. You ask them for X and
Y vertex count, and a vertex spacing. You give them a flat mesh, and let them
tug the verticies up and down. Save and load those bits and then let people load
in several at once and manipulate them around - include a tool to join edges
together by lining up verticies.

Stuff like that.